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              Your Movies

All content providers must be the copyright owner or have proper permission to showcase their creative works on our website.

I AM a Content Creator

If you make movies, series, Web series or cartoons heres your chance to Be apart of something Great

Rule 1.

Rule 2.

All Content MUST BE Original. WiYnE is not responsible for copyright claim if content creators violate any intellectual property laws.

All Music or scores must be original or contain proof of licensing. All Brands of clothing  worn must be original or a copy of a brand release must be submitted on submission.

All Content Creators MUST provide copy of executed release forms for all actors and locations, where applicable and submit them upon sumbission


Rule 3.

Rule 4.

Quality Matters at WiYnE. Your Content must have high quality Audio and Visual quality.

Windy, Poor directing, poor filming  bad lighting will grounds for rejection from consideration.

Rule 5.

Rule 6.

WiYnE charges a 20% transaction fee for all downloads on our website.

WiYnE doesn't accept content that contains any obscenity, racial hate expression or depiction, homosexuality, transgender, pornography, or advertising .

Rule 7.

There is a per project submission fee of $250  per Movie and $500 per Series Season.

Rule 8.

All content creators have to sign release forms for WiYnE to release the projects.

Rule 9.

There is no guarantee that your project will be selected to be on our platform. The submission fees are Non-Refundable. Submissions are accepted based upon visual quality, sound quality, acting quality, and production quality.

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