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Brand Participation Application
For Potential Authorized Agencies, Resellers, Retailers, Agents, Ablers and / or Concluders

Brand Participators such as Potential Authorized Resellers, Agents, Agencies, Ablers, Retailers must maintain and manage authorization from time to time with responsibility, integrity, and in a dignified manner that brings honor and respect to the brand.  WiYnE reserve the undeniable, irrevocable, irrefutable and unavoidable right to approve, delay, ignore, delete, overlook or deny any application for authorization for any reason, at any time  place in space or any other unstated concurrently known or unknown realm of existence it deems necessary and / or appropriate to align and protect the brand and its likeness, image, and reputation, purpose and core values without the opportunity of contest, explanation, or reversibility, in WiYnE's sole discretion.

The submission of an application is in no way an automatic approval of your authorization request nor is it in no way any opportunity of employment. This is an at will Business Opportunity. This is not an application of Employment. All Authorized Applicants must immediately upon request, demand or command comply and exuberantly without contest, nonacceptance, controversy, rebuttal, delay, hindrance, resistance, obstruction, impeding or retaliation respond effectively to all orders, decrees, changes, additions deletions, rearrangements, reorganizations, steps, phases, phaseouts, plans, implementations, trial offers, alterations, revocations, modifications, upgrades, movements, downgrades, installations, selloffs, buybacks, giveaways, demands, reliefs, removals, and any and all requirements proposed by the CEO of WiYnE, Presiding Emperor of the URD, or Sha of the WWG at the time the application was submitted or at any time thereafter. Proper notice may or may not be allotted to all constituents but once rendered in a press release, in person, by mail, phone, email, text or any other concurrently known or unknown form of medium or communication my be immediately effected upon by the recipient.
If authorized it is expected for the authorized to be at every meeting 30 mins early than any proposed time  with your that pertain his brand unless

Failure to comply may result a response from WiYnE, the URD, and / or the WWG which may result in a penalty fee or cancellation and / or revocation of your authorized status without refund of you application fee or any other fee imposed. Once your authorized status is interrupted, you will not be allowed to buy or sell any WiYnE Products or Services nor handle any Official WiYnE Business, wear the uniforms or access any information or database owned or used by with WiYnE. If Authorization is not reinstated within the 1st 90 days of revocation for whatever reason that subject entity will not be able to reapply for Authorization for 72 month the date of Revocation and your sign and medallion must be returned or will be confiscated as the are the property of WiYnE

If any entity is held in Contempt of Brand for denying the brand upon initial presentation such entity will have to pay a $5000 Contempt of Brand Fee prior to being able to apply for any authorized status. Brands held in contempt may still receive promotional products from WiYnE Gear such as custom uniforms and May bare the brand but may not under any circumstances purchase any products from WiYnE for Resale or be allowed to participate in any events or promotions. Any Product that bares the WiYnE logo is considered sacred property. Any sacred property found in an unauthorized store may be immediately confiscated by any authorized agent, officer or concludor without remuneration or compensation without reprise or retaliation from WiYnE. All of the authorized must bare the lighted logo in the front store and / or car window or door with a lighted authorization number and there most recent authorization certificate as well as any appropiated identifiable objects. Concluders have the final say of wether or not you owe the contemptment fee sua ponte as well as wheter or not you are ever eligible for authorization status. Penanlties and remedies are at the will of the concluder.

Terms of Participation

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